If you're not exactly newbie in the crypto world, you've probably heard community plays the important role in crypto projects, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies and tokens. In fact, there is no project itself without the community, because then there will be no network load, there will not be a proper amount of miners, and on the exchange these units will no longer be in demand.

In order not to estimate the capacity of the project only by its capitalization and the current price, the project CoinSocialStory is developed. The main idea is to provide the ability to rank cryptocurrencies and tokens by different social metrics.

How are indexes calculated?

CoinSocialStory offers you to compare coins by several indexes. There are 5 types of indexes for each coin: price index, social index, development index, network index and total index. Every index indicates an average condition for the coin in one category(price, social, development, etc.).