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About CoinSocialStory

CoinSocialStory is a crypto market live data monitor. Our goal is to deliver vital data on BTC, ETH, LTC and other most popular cryptocurrencies in a visually engaging manner. Whether you are a professional trader, media outlet, or just crypto curious and newbie, CoinSocialStory offers indispensable tools to stay updated on the slightest cryptocurrency market movements.

Features and Tools

Social Indicator

Follow trends of the whole crypto market at a single glance. Credible data only

Coins Development

Track your favorite cryptocurrencies. Don't miss the latest product updates and keep track of the teams' progress with ease


Your personally curated crypto market knowledge base to accelerate the learning curve


Real-time and historical rates of the most popular cryptocurrencies in a friendly manner


Intelligence service for your website, mobile apps and market reports. Make data work for you!


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