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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we collected answers to the most essential and frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding cryptocurrency market data in general and CoinSocialStory in particular. We are open to questions, suggestions and proposals at hello@coinsocialstory.com

  • What is CoinSocialStory?

    CoinSocialStory is the most advanced source of information about the crypto market. We carefully collect raw data from multiple source, analyze it and present in a friendly and engaging manner.

  • How do you collect metrics?

    All data that we receive from various sources are put through CoinSocialStory's algorithms that verifies the integrity and trustworthiness.

  • Can I use these stats for my trading strategy?

    The content presented on CoinSocialStory is for informational purposes only and cannot be considered as legal, investment, financial, or other advice. Make your own choice.

  • How to list coin/token?

    You can contact us via hello@coinsocialstory.com or submit it with the form.


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