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We decided to make crypto market data available for sharing in the media right from our website. Here, in the infographics templates you can download and share data.

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    Why is it important to collect and analyse cryptocurrency data?

    Crypto market data is rapidly changing and updating. Therefore, sometimes you want to have a possibility to immediately share it in your media or with your friends. CoinSocialStory has made it a reality!

    What crypto data can you get here?

    Now you can download a PNG of real time cryptocurrency price with its growth rate and date when you downloaded it.

    How do we collect crypto statistics?

    Just like all our metrics, these templates are updated every 10 seconds gathering data from 25 exchange platforms. That’s why we recommend using the sharing tool available below the template. You make one click and you have desired coin or token price shared on your Twitter, Telegram or Reddit.

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