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Safemoon Small Talk


In this episode of CoinSocialPodcast we will talk about various rumours about Safemoon. Is it a scam or legit? Deciding is up to you! We will provide you with arguments for both opinions.

Binance vs Coinbase: facts and thoughts


Part 1 of exchanges comparison. In this episode we overview and compare 2 mastodon platforms - Binance and Coinbase. Pros and cons, usability, apps, fees... There's even more!

Hosting Holly. Part 1. Way to Crypto Blogging


Our guest Holly (@cryptocountess) is a blogger, a writer and an NFT creator. Jump in and listen to Holly sharing her crypto journey and crypto blogging experience!

Hosting Holly. Part 2. Book, NFTs and trading


Part 2 of our Hosting Holly experience! Holly talks about her book and NFTs. Another intense and meaningful conversation bringing up a lot of interesting crypto journey details!

Huobi vs Kraken: facts and thoughts


Part 2 of the exchanges' overview. Finally, we got to discuss Huobi and Kraken!

Hosting Daniel. Part 1. Studies, thesis and Infineon Ethereum Wallet


Meet Daniel Schweiger (@crypto.daniel) - sharing knowledge on blockchain and crypto. Listen to the first part of our conversation: Daniel shares his study path and how he worked on Infineon Ethereum Wallet. What to study to work on such projects? He'll tell you!

Hosting Daniel. Part 2. Blog and social media for crypto enthusiasts


The second part of our talk with Daniel. We talk about his social media presence on Instagram and his experience in developing a social media platform where creators could earn crypto for their artworks.

Hosting Daniel. Part 3. Crypto Portfolio "Cryptoallrounder"


The final part of our talk with Daniel. Finalizing this series of episodes, we talk about yet another exciting project - crypto portfolio "CryptoAllrounder". Daniel says he's been doing this project first of all for himself and that's why it turned out to be the thing he was most passionate about.

Exchange vs Wallet: difference, use, pros/cons


In this episode we are gonna talk about the difference between cryptocutext_formatency wallets and exchanges, their use and purposes. What are their benefits and disadvantages? Let’s find out!

Instant exchange vs regular exchange


In this episode we will be discussing the two main types of platforms for exchange: instant and regular, their drawbacks, benefits and reasons why people sometimes prefer instant exchange over regular

Hosting Simon. Crypto knowledge, diversity and mining


This episode’s guest is Simon Smith - the author of project MelanatedCrypto. Simon shares what led him to crypto blogging and his plans for the future of his project. We also discussed the importance of diversity in the crypto community and the environmental impact of mining.

Is there a future for meme coins?


In this episode we will try to dive deeper in the topic of meme coins. We will discuss 5 different meme tokens, take a look at opinions about them and talk about the differences between meme coins and regular cryptocutext_formatencies.

NFT: what you need to know


In this episode of CoinSocialPodcast, we'll talk about NFT. What is it? Where is it used? Is it worth all the hype? Are there any drawbacks of NFT? Bonus: some cases of strange NFTs-sold.

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