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CoinSocialStory is a crypto monitor where you can observe TOP 100 cryptocurrency prices and sort them out in ascending or descending order. The prices are updated every 10 seconds which makes CoinSocialStory a live crypto tracker. Moreover, you can filter TOP 100 cryptos based on other metrics we have.

What crypto metrics should I monitor?

The metrics you monitor depend largely on the purposes of your research. At CoinSocialStory we gathered a lot of different metrics suitable for different types of analysis. Our cryptocurrency monitor provides metrics that could be interesting to everyone: from professional entrepreneurs to curious amateurs. On our TOP 100 chart we expose such metrics as price, social engagement, dev progress, trading volume and GitHub activity in general view. In the detailed view, when you click on the coin bar, you get more advanced info with few more metrics including Twitter mentions, network status and circulating supply. You can choose one or several metrics and a line chart on the right will show you the historical track of the coin.

Market cap tracker for crypto

Market cap is one of the most popular metrics related to crypto. The aggregate market cap available on most of the crypto monitors shows total market value of a currency circulating supply. CoinSocialStory calculates market cap on the comparison page and uses a standard formula for that: current market price of a cryptocurrency multiplied by total number of coins in circulation. Our market cap tracker displays not only the market cap value of a certain currency but also its visual comparison to other coins.

Crypto price tracker

How to monitor crypto prices using Coin Social Story? The crypto price tracker aggregates data from 25 verified exchanges. The line charts represent how the currency has been changing its price since January 2021. Tracking prices with the help of CSS is very easy. You only need to reload the page to see the changes occurring instantaneously. In case you want to dig deeper into stats, you should press the bar of a coin or token of your interest and all the available for visualising metrics will appear below. Also, don’t forget about the searching bar above the currencies. With its help you can directly find needed crypto.

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The utility of stablecoins has skyrocketed in recent months, thanks in part to the explosion of innovation in the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry.

Crypto coin comparison chart

Compare crypto coins and choose the best one

Coin Social Story has an exceptionally practical crypto compare tool. With the help of our service anyone interested in crypto market can easily do real time cryptocurrency comparison to see how different metrics affect coins’ positions relative to each other. Compare two crypto coins and choose the best one whatever you are up to!

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CoinSocialPodcast - dive in and listen. As we always strive to provide you with meaningful information and entertaining content, we launched our own podcast.

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