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Litecoin Price Prediction


Here you can find the latest LTC price prediction for 2022-2026. Is there a future for Litecoin? Check our forecast and stay tuned about Litecoin future.

Litecoin fundamental analysis

Project name
Stock symbol
Current price
Total supply
84 000 000
ROI since launch
Launch date
October 11 2011
Official website
Blockchain Explorer

Litecoin technical analysis

TradingView advanced analysis tool is what we use to analyse buy-and-sell ratings of LTC. Even though the analysis can’t be 100% precise, this instrument is very helpful due to basing it on such relevant indicators as Moving Averages, Oscillators and Pivots. Check LTC buy/sell potential for a selected time period from 1 minute to 1 month!

Crypto Fear & Greed Index


What is the fear and greed index?

Fear and greed index is an important market indicator in the crypto space as well as in the traditional stock market. “Extreme greed” stands for very greedy investors and the blue colour of the fear and greed index. Crypto market may be due to correction in this case. Another scenario is “extreme fear” indicated by red colour which identifies significantly afraid of the market situation investors. Fear and greed index live chart shows the current market trend. To learn more about fear and greed, check our article.

LTC live price chart

On this chart you can see Litecoin price fluctuations for a desired time period.

Litecoin price prediction: What heights LTC will reach?

Litecoin has very diverse predictions about its potential. According to WalletInvestor and Trading Beasts, the price of Litecoin will be downward at the end of 2021. On the other hand, Digital Coin Price and Long Forecast claim a substantial increase in its price. Moreover, the experts have drastically different predictions on the long-term future of the coin: some of them say that it’ll be slowly growing with pumps and dumps while others foresee its price to be nearly 700 $ in 2026!

Litecoin price prediction for 2022-2026

When it comes to a long-term forecast the controversy increases even more. WalletInvestor expects the LTC price to slightly grow up to 234 $ on average by the end of 2022, however, the price is expected to increase at a higher stable pace from 2023 on. Long Forecasts show drastic growth until the middle of 2022 after which LTC is seen crashing dramatically until the beginning of 2025. Trading Beasts forecast a gradual increase in price after falling in the end of 2021 with restoring current values in 2022 and steadily rising them then. Only Digital Coin Price foresees Litecoin relatively rapid development with no negative effects. These are the prices in a long-term perspective for you to gain a more holistic picture of LTC predictions:
Digital Coin Price: 701.97 $ (December 2026)
Wallet Investor: 382.028 $ (May 2026)
Long forecast: 343 $ (June 2025)
Trading beasts: 295.984 $ (December 2024)

    What you should know about LTC coin

  • What is a Litecoin?arrow

    According to Litecoin official website it is “a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world”. It is an early decentralised altcoin.

  • Is Litecoin a good investment?arrow

    Currently, LTC is generally not considered a good investment. Most of the experts expect its fall in 2022. Nevertheless, later it will probably become a good crypto to invest.

  • Will Litecoin rise in the future?arrow

    In the years 2023-2026 either a drastic or at least a gradual growth of LTC price is forecasted.

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