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Polygon Price Prediction


Here you can find the latest MATIC price prediction for 2022-2026. Is there a future for Polygon? Check our forecast and stay tuned about Polygon future.

Polygon fundamental analysis

Project name
Stock symbol
Current price
Total supply
10 000 000 000
ROI since launch
Launch date
Official website
Blockchain Explorer

Polygon technical analysis

Although it is hardly possible to technically analyse Polygon with 100% precision, with the help of TradingView advanced analysis tool you can gain valuable insights. The real-time aggregated rating shows you MATIC buy/sell potential for a selected period of time ranging from 1 minute to 1 month. The analysis is based on the most relevant technical indicators - Moving Averages, Oscillators and Pivots.

Crypto Fear & Greed Index


What is the fear and greed index?

Crypto market is volatile and predicting is rather hard, however, this index can be of use. For example, the red side of the widget suggests “extreme fear” on the market when the investors are frightened. On the other hand, the blue colour points out “extreme greed” on the market. Here, the investors are being greedy and strive to buy more crypto. On the widget below you can monitor fear and greed index live changes. In our blog article, you can expand your knowledge on the index.

MATIC live price chart

On this chart you can see Polygon price fluctuations for a desired time period.

Polygon price prediction: What heights MATIC will reach?

Mark Cuban is a huge fan of Polygon and he candidly talked about investing in it in May. He fosters MATIC because in his opinion the altcoin has many brilliant applications as he calls them. With such a supporter contributing to the public image of altcoin, Polygon can be a profitable cryptocurrency to invest in.

Polygon price prediction for 2022-2026

MATIC predictions are consistently showing the currencies’ upwards movement in the following years. Moreover, most of the forecasts anticipate Polygon to surpass 2 $. Of course, there’re even more radical predictions with unbelievable price numbers. It is always better to stick to reality and to analyse the variety of results provided below:
Trading Beasts
Long Forecast
Digital Coin Price
Wallet Investor
December 2022
$ 1.45240
$ 1.21
$ 1.96
$ 10.235
December 2023
$ 1.81656
$ 1.53
$ 2.93
$ 16.110
December 2024
$ 2.14811
$ 1.37
$ 3.39
$ 22.136
July 2025
$ 2.69
$ 3.96
$ 25.478
December 2025
$ 3.45
$ 27.941
June/July 2026
$ 3.97
$ 30.595
December 2026
$ 4.46

    What you should know about MATIC coin

  • What is a Polygon?arrow

    Polygon is an Ethereum token used in the multichain chain scaling solution of Ethereum called Polygon (former Matic Network).

  • Is Polygon a good investment?arrow

    According to general trends, it is a profitable investment.

  • Will Polygon rise in the future?arrow

    MATIC is expected to grow over the years.

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