SelfKey Now Listed on CoinSocialStory

What is SelfKey?

SelfKey is a leading identity management system that aims to return ownership over personal data back to the individual. To achieve this, SelfKey has an identity ecosystem comprising the SelfKey Identity Wallet, the Marketplace, and the KEY token. SelfKey Wallet supports storing and transferring ERC-20 tokens and BSC tokens. Moreover, SelfKey Wallet users can avail themselves of a variety of business and financial services using the SelfKey Marketplace, including offshore banking, business incorporations, loans, exchanges, secondary citizenship, and more.

The SelfKey Network consists of the most promising fintech and blockchain startups. Their worldwide partners include notable law firms, banks, notaries, translators, accounting firms, and government officials. With many of their products and services listed in the SelfKey Marketplace, it is the one-stop-shop to explore, compare, and instantly sign up for a broad range of financial, corporate, immigration, and cryptocurrency related services.

SelfKey wallet
SelfKey wallet

What is SelfKey’s mission?

SelfKey is developing innovation in digital identity management, empowering individuals (and corporations) to truly own, control, and manage their personal data. Their mission is to change how the world manages and processes identity transactions using blockchain technology to create a safer world where personal data and privacy are protected.

Where to track the price movements or the KEY token?

The native token of the SelfKey ecosystem, $KEY, is now listed on CoinSocialStory.

CoinSocialStory is a crypto market live data monitor. Collection and compilation of data from multiple source points enable the Coin Social Story platform to continuously report accurate prices of various crypto assets, including $KEY, to the users. For the SelfKey community, the listing of the $KEY token on CoinSocialStory enables yet another easy way to track the price movements of the KEY token. You can also compare KEY to other assets and share its infographics on your social media.

Track the sekfkey price
Track SelfKey prices and other metrics

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